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Mortgage Modification Project

Paul J. Gelman is an attorney licensed to practice law in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, concentrating on residential real estate matters, with over 20 years experience in the mortgage industry representing mortgage lenders, title companies and borrowers.  The Law Office is now assisting homeowners who are distressed about their current mortgage payment and seeking a change in their payment, i.e. a mortgage modification.


The last several months have changed the dynamics of mortgage lending forever.  Today, there is an opportunity for you to modify your existing loan and take advantage of many programs that lenders have unveiled to stem their rising losses due to mortgage delinquencies. You may qualify for a lower mortgage payment. You don’t have to be currently delinquent to take advantage of some of the programs.


Many borrowers who are delinquent or close to being delinquent in their current monthly mortgage payment have contacted their lender for assistance and found the process complicated, cumbersome, somewhat scary and unworkable. While there is no legal requirement that you hire counsel in connection with attempts to obtain a mortgage modification, some of the advantages of retaining this Law Office to assist you are:

    - We have negotiators and an attorney on staff familiar with the legal intricacies of a mortgage loan and loan modifications.

    - Your lender has very specific guidelines that must be met before they will
agree to modify your loan.  We know what those requirements are and as your advocate, we are only concerned with your financial needs, not your lenders.

    - This is a very stressful time for you and the use of a qualified representative can make the process less intimidating; using an independent, detached third person to provide counsel and advice and to negotiate on your behalf helps eliminate the stress and confusion associated with the process.

    - Your home is your most important asset both financially and emotionally.  Doesn't it make sense to have a competent counsel representing your interests?

The following link from ABC News illuminates some of the problems that borrowers are having.

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Please contact us if you are interested in a FREE telephone consultation.  In many circumstances we may be able to help.