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Our number one goal is to provide homeowners in
New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware with an ethical, effective alternative to foreclosure.  We work on behalf of our clients to structure more attractive loan situations that put you in control of your financial situation and help you keep your home.

We are not a mortgage modification company, but a law firm retained by you to represent you in your negotiations with your lender. 

We apply our own tested methodology to loan modifications, but the process can take time.  While many cases can be resolved within 60 days or less, it sometimes takes more time,  If you’re already behind in your payments, it’s critical that you get started now.  We believe the advantages of working with our law firm comes from our personal approach to each client's unique circumstance.

We review your entire financial situation with your lender so that real common sense solutions can be achieved.  The consequence is a win/win.  The lender wins because they now have a performing asset in its portfolio.  You win because you would now have a mortgage payment which is manageable and a home with security.

According to the Center for Responsible Lending, foreclosures continue to rise, with a new one started every 13 seconds!  Please do not wait any longer to contact us; your home depends on it.

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         Types of Resolutions:
Mortgage Modification or Restructuring -
     A permanent change in one or more
     of the terms of a homeowners
     existing mortgage. read more

Reinstatement or Repayment Plans -
     Bringing loan back to current status
     and allowing payments to be
     accepted. read more
Principle Reductions or Short Sales -
     The lender lowers principle amount
     due and/or accepts less than the
     total amount due on the current
     mortgage. read more

Forbearance Agreements -
     A special agreement between a
     borrower and a lender in order to
     delay a foreclosure. read more

Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure -
     A instrument in which a the
     borrower conveys all interest in a
     property to the lender yo satisfy a
     loan that is in default. read more

Loan Refinance -
     The process of obtaining a new loan with different terms.  That can happen! read more
-read more

Tips and FAQ: read more
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    Communication is key
    Be well informed
    Reevaluate your spending
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